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Who We Are


LIFACS Professionals is a subchapter of The New York State Association of Family and Consumer Science Educators...

      ...which is an organization specifically designed to further the goals of family and consumer science education in New  York State.


The goals of NYSAFCSE, as outlined in the constitution, are:


  • To provide an organization for official representation of family and consumer science teachers.

  • To unify interest and efforts in strengthening the program of family and consumer sciences in education in the schools and colleges of New York State.

  • To stimulate and coordinate research and experimentation in the field of family and consumer science education.

  • To interpret family and consumer science education in the light of changing needs.


Area Program: Long Island Chapter

NYSAFCSE offers unique representation and participation opportunities to its members via the local area program. The state is divided into 23 areas (by counties). Each area, staffed by a local area-coordinator and assistants, provides activities designed to meet the needs and interests of that particular area.

The area program also insures a more direct representation of local needs to the executive board, as each area-coordinator serves as a member of that board. A percentage of state dues are returned to the area to assist with area program expenses. 




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