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New York State Education Department

Dawn B. Mastroianni

CTE FCS Associate


American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

New York State Association of Family & Consumer Sciences


Curriculum Links:


High School Curriculum:


NYSED Family and Consumer Science Home Page

NYSED Family and Consumer Science High School Level Skills (Includes Outlines for Core Courses, Human Services and Family Studies, Food and Nutrition, Textiles and Designs, and Cross Cluster)


Middle Level Curriculum:


NYSAFCSE Active Teaching Strategies Guide

New Middle Level CTE Modules

Click Here for the direct link:

Middle Level CTE - Web site

Click here for the PDF: 

Middle Level CTE - PDF




Looking for Covid Classroom Recipes?

Use this Padlet to share and see what's out there. 
Link to Padlet

Digital Resource Guide

Created by FACS Teachers in the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Master’s Program

Click Here

Opportunities for Students
(and maybe PD)


Fashion Camps & Tours

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Culinary Programs for HS Students

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